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Published on: Jan 4, 2021

With this blog, a content-oriented platform is created, on which every interested person should be offered added value in some form. The posts convey relevant knowledge from various areas of everyday life as well as professional life, which readers can use to further their personal and professional education and development. Interdependencies are highlighted that may not seem obvious to everyone and thought-provoking ideas are provided that represent an approach to critical consideration of the various complexes of topics. In addition, we aim to dispel widespread misconceptions and explain how the respective misunderstandings may have arisen.

Starting from January 4th 2021 we will publish a new post every Monday. If the circumstances – e.g. the scope of a topic – require it, an additional post will be added during the week if necessary and at irregular intervals. The various topics considered within the scope of this blog are primarily based on our own interests, experience and expertise. In addition to providing relevant information to our readers, we also see this blog as an internal commitment to constantly educate ourselves and research new content to incorporate into posts and share with our audience. The initial selection of topics is therefore likely to expand extensively in the future.

Since we see the blog as more than just entertainment, we have set our own standards for the structure and content quality of our posts. The starting point for the individual posts is always a – in our opinion – relevant question, as it could also be asked by our readers. After an introductory consideration of the significance of the topic in question, the content begins with general knowledge transfer, which makes it possible to define terms and convey basic information. This is followed by a discussion of the various approaches to answering the overarching question. However, we are aware that a universal answer will almost never exist. Therefore, our focus is on the presentation of pros and cons in order to support the formation of a judgment depending on one’s own situation. Any evaluation approaches on our part are exclusively situation-dependent and should never be understood as a universal answer. Since there are limitations to the scope of the blog posts and in order to simplify further, independent research on the part of the readers, we will repeatedly refer to literature and other media that enable a better understanding of the topic and the specific context.

Our aim is to present content that is as timeless as possible, so that readers who join us later can also derive added value from the posts. Therefore, we will not refer to daily topics, but look at more general content, which can, of course, also be transferable to specific events. In addition, we have made a conscious decision not to monetize this blog. In this way, we want to pre-emptively avoid potential false incentives and ensure that we select content independently and discuss it objectively. Our goal is not to form opinions, but to arouse the curiosity of our audience and offer them a basis for critical questioning. This is also the reason why we will put the following disclaimer in front of every post:


All content and statements within the blog posts are researched to the best of our knowledge and belief and, if possible, presented in an unbiased manner. If sources are used, they are indicated. Nevertheless, we explicitly point out that the content should not be understood as facts, but only as a suggestion and thought-provoking ideas for the own research of the readers. We assume no liability for the accuracy and/or completeness of the content presented.

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